Construction Workers James R. Stauffer, Sales Tax Strategist
Practice Limited to Sales & Use Tax Matters
Established 1991


     My unusual superspecialty is shirtsleeve consulting about Sales and Use Tax matters, primarily Pennsylvania taxes.  For more than twenty-nine years I've cost-effectively helped construction contractors, manufacturers and processors, project owners and others minimize their Sales and Use Tax costs, by:
  • Creatively finding alleged tax overpayments
  • Aggressively prosecuting claims for refund
  • Contesting unfair tax assessments and penalties
  • Salvaging do-it-yourself refund claims and assessment appeals
  • Keeping clients updated about changes in laws, regulations and policies
  • Communicating best practices to improve compliance
  • Developing strategies to limit tax exposure
     In these pages you'll find more about me and the way I practice.  You can also learn how to save some taxes and navigate the state's bureaucracy.  But there's no substitute for human contact.  The only way to get fully interactive advice tailored to your specific circumstances is to talk to the wizard.  The "Contact Me" page offers a number of ways to initiate that contact.

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